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5 Reasons To Add A Groom's Cake To Your Wedding Plans

Have you considered adding a groom's cake to your wedding day plans? Some couples are familiar with the concept of the groom's cake — a secondary wedding cake that celebrates the groom's interests and personality — while others are not. No matter which category you fall into, here are a few of the best reasons to follow this old tradition.

1. It Offers Variety. On a practical level, having a second cake allows you to offer a little more variety in cake ingredients and flavors. You can make it gluten-free, vegan, or kosher, for instance. Or you might simply offer another, very different, flavor combination to wow guests. 

2. It's a Wedding Token. A key tradition for groom's cakes is to slice them, box them up, and send pieces home with guests. This is a fun way to provide wedding tokens that people will actually use and enjoy later. It's also a great way to thank people for coming to the wedding. 

3. It Celebrates the Groom. For most couples, the wedding day feels like it prioritizes the bride — her tastes, styles, appearance, and planning. The groom's cake may be the most groom-centric element of the entire day. This makes grooms feel special. It also offers the bride a way to show her love for the groom by preparing a custom cake that represents him and that he will love. 

4. It Solves Conflict. Are you having trouble deciding on a single wedding cake style or flavor? Do some of your immediate family members want something totally different? Use a second cake to prevent these conflicts. This can be a great solution, in particular, for anyone who's fighting a flavor combination that they don't want or can't eat. They can simply not partake of the second cake. 

5. It's a Rehearsal Centerpiece. Another option for the groom's cake is to use it during the rehearsal dinner. This method makes it a centerpiece of your decoration and a conversation starter. And because rehearsal dinners are often more casual, fun, and lighthearted affairs, a quirky and custom groom's cake is the perfect complement. 

Where to Learn More

Want to know more about the history, uses, and style of groom's cakes? Start by meeting with an experienced local bakery in your area. They'll help you decide if this tradition is right for your big day and design a cake that everyone will remember with fondness for years.  

Contact a local bakery for more information about personalized wedding cakes